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PROSPERO (PROactive Safety PERformance for Operations) is a European 7th Framework project that runs from 2012 through 2015 and comprises 14 partner organisations across 7 countries. The consortium includes end-users, industry, SMEs and academic partners.

Air transport in the EU is growing all the time. At the same time, there is a need to enhance the safety of air travel.  

The EU is working towards two specific targets in operational safety by 2020:

  • To reduce the accident rate by 80%;
  • To achieve a substantial improvement in the elimination of, and recovery from, human error.

The PROSPERO project will contribute to achieving these targets. It will produce an integrated risk framework for the Air Traffic System (ATS) including proactive ways to anticipate complex risks that have the potential to cause crises. By anticipating these risks, it allows for more effective management of situations where risks cannot be eliminated. This will also result in a substantial improvement in the recovery from human error. The risk framework developed by PROSPERO will deliver a way to measure progress towards reducing the air accident rate by 80%.

Research work will address a wide range of concepts, innovative solutions and technologies which will result in safer operation of basic infrastructures of the Air Traffic System (ATS) - such as airports and air traffic management.

The coordinator of the PROSPERO project is Trinity College Dublin, based in Ireland.

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PROSPERO animation

Prospero animation

This animation was prepared by the PROSPERO team for a presentation meeting at the European Union in Brussels, to explain the groundbreaking advances in aviation safety systems

EU Parliament, Brussels, February 2015

Delegates at the PROSPERO even...
L-R Eddie Shaw, Siobhan Corri...
Industry Panel Discussion
Judith Kieran and Orlaith McCa...
L-R Eddie Shaw, Siobhan Corrig...
L-R MEP Marinescu and Dr Fabio...
MEP Marian Jean Marinescu
Professor Nick Mc Donald TCD
PROSPERO Industry Panel Discus...

The System Change Loop

System change loop

The graphic above represents the System Change Loop that forms an integral part of the PROSPERO approach.

Click here to read more about it and about the PROSPERO project.